18 Candles

So two days ago I turned 18. I am excited to say that on my birthday I went out to the RMV in Southbridge, stood in line for almost 2 hours, and got sat down in a chair where a fat kid kept running around in front of the camera. The lady who took my picture was very grumpy it seemed. I only had one good picture and it looked like a mugshot. Gahhhhhhh!!! Oh well… Got my ID. 

When Driving..

So I just came back from Florida! I have many stories from there, but one main one is about a jet ski… Sooooooo…

When driving a jet ski 2 miles out from the shore, make sure to get speed before making a sharp turn… I flipped it…

So my dad and me were just chillin there with sharks and a turtle… The turtle was cute!!! He had a pinkish/orangish shell and dark skin. He came up for air and went back down. We were able to flip it back over. Then after we got back on it, a worker came over and checked the engine. We were fine. 

So when driving a car the first time, lets hope I don’t do the same thing.